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03/20/08 12:03 PM #1    

Dustin Cronhardt

This site is so cool. I hope everyone takes the time to post some pictures and update their profile. Thanks Sandi

06/11/08 03:37 PM #2    

Kathy Fraikor (Pototsky)

I can't believe they discovered the secret room up in the catwalks! Actually, I guess it's amazing it stayed a secret as long as it did. Oh well!

06/14/08 02:50 PM #3    

Daphyne Benson (Reiff)

Stewart Slater, Susan Bell and Daphyne Benson all have been in the secret room! I remember there being 1 chair and writting on the wall! It was fun, only remember going up their once! It was scary getting there!


06/27/08 07:53 PM #4    

Sandra Domenech (Nikitow)

It was great seeing everyone at the reunion. Thanks to those of you who helped put everything together. I would love to get together with everyone who is still local more often. I was thinking of having a BBQ at our house during the summer. Everyone could bring their families, of course. Please let me know if you would be interested? Love, Sandi "Domenech" Nikitow

11/12/08 05:40 PM #5    

Kathy Fraikor (Pototsky)

I thought everyone would get a kick out of this! As I was moving back to Colorado, I was driving through Kansas on I-70. You'll never guess where I stopped! (No, not at the World's Largest Prairie Dog!). At Smoky Hill Vineyards! Yep...a vineyard in the middle of Kansas! I bought two bottles of the wine, but the pictures didn't turn out well enough to post. So if you are ever in Kansas.... :-)

12/19/08 07:33 PM #6    

Brian Campbell

"And most my memories have escaped me
Or confused themselves with dreams
If heavens all they want it to be
Send your prayers to me care of 1983"

--John Mayer, "83" Room for Squares

So, I fell off the edge of the Earth and disappeared 25 years ago, only to reappear here. Getting back in touch is a trip. People remember me doing things I swear I never did... really... some of our memories we have of one person are something that happened with someone else... things are all jumbled together.

But, I guess it is better to be remembered for something you never did, than to not be remembered at all. ;o)

It goes both ways, I just emailed the wrong person, telling them how great they were singing with the Jazz band. Oy vey!

Nice getting back in touch... Even if I'm loosing my mind.


Brian Campbell

01/29/09 09:33 PM #7    

Stephanie Pankoff (Blaschke)

I am coming back to Denver this summer. I hope to have a big get together to see everyone again. My kids will be with me KEVIN and JASON 11 and Ryan 8.
Stephanie Pankoff Blaschke
Looking for stuff for my kids to do.

07/29/13 06:30 PM #8    

Tracey Sazera (Urban)

To the reunion committee you did an awesome job! Helen Wall you were the first person at the reunion I saw that I knew. Thank for being so nice and welcoming. I had enjoyed seeing everyone!!!!

07/29/13 07:44 PM #9    

Kathy Fraikor (Pototsky)

Thank you so much to Sandi and everyone on the committee! Although I was only able to attend on Friday night, I had a blast and would definitely be up for a 35th!!! cheeky

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