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Sorry I missed the 25 year shin dig, I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I just hit the 25 year mark in my chair, and wrote a few things down I thought I would share.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

25 years ago today...

25 years ago today, I dove from a diving board in a swimmin' hole in Louisiana...I overshot the deep area and landed in 2 ft of water...I broke my neck. 25 years ago yesterday, I thought I had the world by the balls! I had just graduated from high school, and I had just learned that I had earned a full ride scholarship to Western State College in Gunnison, CO to run Cross~Country and Track for Duane Vandenbush...I actually talked to him that day to confirm everything. This was a big deal, as I could not have afforded to go to college otherwise.

Decisions...well, life is one decision after another, isn't it. Most would say that I made a tragically wrong decision that day. I thought I had too...suddenly, in a flash, my life was turned upside down. I was now paralyzed from the chest down...this body that was taking me to my dreams, was now broken, and I could feel those dreams leaving that body, and my hands, that had been reduced to feeble claws, where helpless in clutching those dreams...they were gone.

How about a heaping helping of humble pie? I suddenly remembered seeing my friend Tammy, two years earlier, and saying to my friends "...if that ever happened to me, I would kill myself." Tammy broke her neck diving off of a boat that was close to shore...she broke her neck in exactly the same way I did. I couldn't imagine going on like that...especially since my shallow thought was that everything revolved around my legs and running. Really? Is it really over, like I thought? Should I just take the easy way out and be done with it...after all, how rewarding can a life in a wheelchair be? (many people I have met over these 25 years have this notion as well...most, I would say...I can't fathom a guess as to how many people have said that very same thing to me..."you are so strong, I could never do what you are doing.") Well, let me tell you something I have learned about the human spirit...all that stuff quickly goes out the window, and you carry on any way you can...survival. Life does go on...as hard as it is to imagine it at that time.

I have had a blessed life! In fact, talking about decisions...I believe that My Soul chose this life journey for me...I chose this learning opportunity. To chase life with the same vigor, maybe more, makes my soul happy. I have experienced so much in my 42 years...it is even hard for me to imagine my life being better without that "wrong decision" I made 25 years ago today.

This challenge has also been frustrating, humiliating, humbling, embarrassing, depressing, infuriating...shall I continue? Just like your life...we all get to feel these things. My journey has had many highs and lows...just like yours. I have learned that you don't find yourself...you create yourself. I also learned that I really do have the world by the balls, and sitting down gave me better access to them...ok, that one doesn't really fit here, but it is true.

Life is what you make it!

Peace and Love to you all, thanks for listening, Jim Harlan

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too many to mention...SHBDRRC ;)

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